How to Log In

  1. Go to 
  2. In the top right corner, click Sign up.
  3. Enter your full name and email address and click Register.
    • You will receive an email that will enable you to set your password.
    • Once you are signed in, you will be able to create support tickets.

How to Create a New Ticket
In the top right corner, click New Support ticket and fill in the fields accordingly:

  • Subject: Clinic Name
  • Desc: Source PIMS and Clinic Name
  • Type: Conversion
  • PIMS: PIMS you are converting from
  • Final Conversion Date: The date VetData can expect the final data
  • Final Conversion Time: The time VetData can expect the final data
  • Installer/Training Date: The date the final data will be installed (go-live)
  • Installer/Trainer: The member of your team that will be training with your new PIMS or VetData
  • Special Instructions: Anything else you want us to know

If you would like additional parties to receive updates regarding your ticket, you can cc them on the ticket. If you forget when creating the ticket, or want to add more people after the ticket has been created, navigate to the ticket (example below) and click the icon in the top right corner of the ticket with a person's head and addition symbol. This icon is Add people to conversation, which will allow you to input an email so that they will be copied on all future emails. They will not be able to access the ticket on the portal itself unless they have an activated account and are also a member of your company. However, once their email has been added, they will receive email updates when replies are made to the ticket.

You may attach small files such as screenshots to the ticket. Larger files should be sent via VetData's FTP site at

 If you click Submit, FreshDesk will send your ticket to VetData.

Reviewing the Ticket

If there are any issues or updates that you need to make VetData aware of while your ticket it in progress, you no longer need to send a separate email. You can navigate to your ticket and respond there. Our agents will then receive a notification and get back to you as soon as possible. To reply to a ticket, begin typing in the text box below the original ticket that displays “Click here to reply to this ticket” and then click Reply to send.

You will be able to view your ticket status from this page. In the example below, the ticket’s status is Being Processed. You can also check on your ticket status by clicking Check Ticket Status in the top right corner of the FreshDesk home page under New Support Ticket. From here, you can see all the tickets submitted by your company.

If you ever mistakenly submit a ticket, it can be marked as closed and will not be addressed.

Reference guide to the ticket statuses:

  • Being Processed: Your ticket is being reviewed
  • Order Received: VetData has received and reviewed the order and is awaiting the data
  • Trial Received and Restored: VetData has restored the trial data and the conversion is in the queue
  • Initial Trial Mapping: The logic and queries are being written and ran for the conversion
  • Trial QA and Revisions: The trial is undergoing the QA process
  • Trial Released: The trial had been released and VetData is awaiting any revision requests or the final
  • Trial Change: A trial revision request/fix is being worked on
  • Final Received and Restored: VetData has restored the final data and the conversion is in the queue
  • Initial Final Mapping: VetData is running the logic and queries for the final
  • Final QA and Revisions: The final is undergoing the QA process
  • Closed: The conversion is complete
  • Post Conversion Change: A post final revision request/fix is being worked on