Veterinary Data Services, Inc. (“VDS”) Data Conversion Terms of Service


VDS Data Conversions include (i) a first pass during which the initial data conversion is completed by VDS and sent to Company (and then by Company to the applicable Client) for review, (ii) any number of iterations required to meet the acceptable level, and which First Pass shall not be deemed to be complete until accepted and approved by Company (“First Pass”), and (iii) a final pass that is a reflection of the accepted First Pass with up to date data and completed to Company’s and Client’s satisfaction (“Final Pass”). A conversion shall be considered complete upon delivery and acceptance of the Final Pass (“Completed Conversion”).

Operating Hours and Availability

VDS provides Data Conversions services during our standard VDS Data Conversions operating hours of 9 AM – 7 PM EST, Monday through Friday.

Under certain circumstances, VDS may provide Data Conversions services outside of the standard operating hours. Such services are provided at the sole discretion of VDS and must be approved by a VDS Data Conversions representative before being scheduled. To inquire about such approval, please contact your VDS Data Conversions representative.

The company holidays listed below are observed by all VDS personnel and are unavailable for Data Conversions services. Note that the observance day for some holidays may vary from year-to-year, please consult your VDS Data Conversions representative for details.

•    New Year’s Day

•    Memorial Day

•    Independence Day and the Following Day

•    Labor Day

•    Thanksgiving

•    Black Friday

•    Christmas Eve

•    Christmas Day

•    New Year’s Eve

General Terms

Delivery dates for First Pass conversions are considered ‘requested’ until they have been validated and accepted by a VDS Data Conversions representative. Once validated and accepted, they are considered ‘committed', and VDS agrees to deliver by said date.

Final Pass conversions requests must be submitted at least two weeks before the requested delivery date unless otherwise approved by a VDS Data Conversions representative.

If Final Pass conversion source data is delivered completely and accurately to VDS by 10 AM EST on the approved Final Pass delivery date, VDS will complete and deliver the Final Pass by the end of the same day. Otherwise, the Final Pass conversion will be delivered by the end of the following business day.

The VDS Data Conversions Team will provide support for Completed Conversions for up to 3 months from the Final Pass delivery date.