Pulse Data Conversion Basics

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Supported Source PIMS for Data Conversion

PIMSData Pull MethodTime from Data Pull to Initial Data Release (Trial Phase)*Expected Final Conversion Processing Time*
AvimarkCovetrus Connect (Auto)1 Week1 -4 Hours
ClienTraxManual Extract to sFTP3 Weeks4-7+ Hours
Complete ClinicManual Extract to sFTP3 Weeks1-4 Hours
CornerstoneCovetrus Connect (Auto)1 Week4-7+ Hours
DVM ManagerManual Extract to sFTP2 Weeks1-4 Hours
DVMaxManual Extract to sFTP2 Weeks4-7+ Hours
EzyVetCloud Vendor Links3 Weeks1-4 Hours
Hippo ManagerCloud Vendor Links3 Weeks4-7+ Hours
ImproMed/VeTech AdvantageManual Extract to sFTP2 Weeks1-4 Hours
ImproMed Infinity/EquineManual Extract to sFTP2 Weeks4-7+ Hours
IntraVet FlatManual Extract to sFTP2 Weeks1-4 Hours
IntraVet SQLManual Extract to sFTP3 Weeks4-7+ Hours
NeoCloud Vendor Links3 Weeks1-4 Hours
V-Tech PlatinumManual Extract to sFTP3 Weeks1-4 Hours
VETport**Cloud Vendor Links3 Weeks1-4 Hours
Vetter***Cloud Vendor Links3 Weeks1-4 Hours

* Times are estimates based on average data copy quality and sizes. Time from Data Pull to Release and/or Final Conversion Processing Time is subject to change and may vary depending on data quality, size, or if customization is required during the conversion.

** Only VetPort is supported for data conversion. VETport NextGen is NOT supported.

*** Vetter recently rebranded as "DaySmart Vet." We do not yet know if there have been any changes to the data format or structure that could impact compatibility with our existing tools. 

Data Pull Methods

Covetrus Connect (Automated)

  • Utility to be installed on source PIMS server for unattended data extraction and conversion.
  • Conversion scheduled to run at time of low or no system use (typically overnight).
  • Important: Internet access on the PIMS server is required.
  • File attachments are manually uploaded to sFTP by a Covetrus Data Specialist and processed manually by a Data Conversions Engineer.
  • The practice administrator must contact the Cloud PIMS Vendor to request a copy of data and file attachments. 
  • Most Cloud Vendors will provide links to download the data and attachments.
  • Practice administrators can send links to their assigned Trainer or Data Specialist, which are passed along to the Data Conversions team for download and processing.
  • Note: If Cloud Data is not provided in a supported format or missing required fields, it may extend Data Conversion processing time.

Manual Extract to Secure File Transfer Protocol (sFTP)

  • Extraction scheduled with Data Specialist.
  • Data Specialist connects via Teamviewer to PIMS server and manually uploads a compressed version of the data and file attachments to the Data Conversions team using sFTP.
  • Note: XXL databases or file attachment folders may require alternative data upload process depending on internet speed and available server hard drive space.

Data Conversion Preparation

ReviewCheck Customizations
  • Review custom fields you’ve created in areas like patient alerts.
  • Determine which customizations should be retained or recreated.
  • Analyze integrated services to determine compatibility.
Plan for Workflow Changes
  • Document daily workflows for each employee role to prepare for changes or new concepts you’ll learn during training.
  • Make note of critical workflows and understand the goals behind them.
Plan for Historical Data
  • Determine how much historical data you intend to migrate.
OrganizeStandardize Data Formats & Terminology
  • Consistent breed names & vaccination abbreviations.
Categorize and Organize Data
  • Consolidate client and patient classifications or pay codes.
  • Assign “Home Practice” to clients.
Backup Data
  • Print or save financial reports for future reference.
  • Create a comprehensive data backup.

Remove Duplicate Entries

  • Remove or merge duplicate clients, patients, or staff members.

Remove Outdated or Irrelevant Data

  • Purge inactive clients and patients.
  • Remove expired medications.

Data Privacy and Security

  • Ensure compliance with data privacy regulations, such as storage of client credit card numbers or SSNs.
ReviseFill Incomplete Records
  • Finalize medical notes & fill out client details.

Review Data Integrity

  • Verify accuracy and correctness of medical history or financials.

Manage Inventory

  • Perform stock counts and review inventory details.
  • Remove obsolete or discontinued items.
  • Perform mass markups or price changes.

Data Conversion Project Outline

Thank you for choosing Pulse™ as your new software solution. We understand that transitioning from one veterinary software to another can be a complex process, and we are committed to ensuring a smooth and efficient data conversion for your clinic. This guide aims to provide you with an overview of the data conversion process and important steps to follow.

Step 1: Preparing for Trial Data Conversion

Welcome call with your Pulse Training Specialist: We will contact you to schedule a consultation session. During this session, we will gather information about your current veterinary software, discuss your data conversion requirements, and establish a timeline for the process.

Backup your data: Before initiating the data conversion process, it is crucial to create a backup of your existing data. This ensures that your data remains intact and accessible during the transition.

Review and Prepare your data: Before initiating the data conversion process, please review our recommended Data Conversion Preparation steps. The quality of your data in Pulse correlates to the quality and accuracy of the data in your source system. We do not cleanse or change your data during the conversion process.

Step 2: Data Extraction

Data extraction: Our technical team will work closely with you to extract the required data from your current software system. This process may involve exporting data in standard formats like CSV (Comma-Separated Values) or SQL (Standard Query Language) databases. In some cases, we may require an installation of Covetrus® Connect on your server to pull the required data through an API connection. Read more about our Data Pull Methods.

Step 3: Data Mapping and Transformation

Data mapping: Our experts will analyze the extracted data and map it to the appropriate fields in Pulse. This ensures that the data is correctly structured and organized within the new system. We may need your assistance to validate certain mappings and ensure accuracy.

Data transformation: In some cases, data extracted from your current software may require transformation or cleansing to fit the format and structure of Pulse. Our technical team will perform these necessary transformations to ensure seamless integration.

Step 4: Data Import and Verification

Import data: Once the data mapping and transformation are complete, we will import the converted data into Pulse. Our team will carry out this process diligently to maintain data integrity and minimize any potential disruptions.

Data verification: We highly recommend reviewing the imported data to verify its accuracy and completeness. We will provide guidelines and assistance in conducting this verification process to ensure a successful data conversion.

Step 5: Training and Support

Training sessions: As part of our commitment to your success, we will provide comprehensive training sessions for your staff to become familiar with the features and functionality of Pulse. 

Ongoing support: Our dedicated support team will be available to address any questions or concerns that may arise during the initial stages of using Pulse. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for assistance or clarification.

Step 6: Final Data Conversion

Final data conversion: On go-live day, our technical experts will perform the final data conversion with the latest copy of your source data. 

Sample Data Conversion Project Timeline

Day 1: Initial data pull and start data conversion process. This process includes data extraction, transformation to a standard format, conversion to Pulse, and a thorough Data Quality review.

Day 21: Trial conversion complete. Your Pulse Training Specialist will notify you that your data is available for verification and auditing.

Day 35: Data verification and auditing should be completed within the first two weeks. A timely data audit ensures our technical team can address any issues or questions with your converted data well before your final conversion.

Day 63: Final conversion and Pulse Go-Live Day

Standard Data Conversion Fields

  • Appointment Calendar
  • Client List and Client Demographic Details
  • Patient List and Patient Demographic Details
  • Employee List
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Patient Letter Reminders and Callbacks
  • Patient Medical History
  • Inventory Vendors
  • Inventory and Procedures Lists

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